Hitter’s Camp Day 3: Zack Collins

Smart with the stick: Collins was a sponge in 2019, and looks to take his strong finish into spring training. (Chicago White Sox)

On Day 3 off the Hitter’s Camp, Zack Collins talked with White Sox TV on his overall take of the camp, reviewing how Frank Menechino worked with him on tweaking his swing after being demoted back to Charlotte, how his cups of coffee in the big leagues gave him a head start and great confidence for 2020, James McCann’s mentorship, and his goals for this season.


Hitter’s Camp Day 3: Danny Mendick

Shocking the world: Mendick hit the ground running in the big leagues last September, and aims to remain rooted on the South Side. (Chicago White Sox)

On Day 3 of Hitter’s Camp, White Sox TV talked with Danny Mendick about getting acclimated with new coaches and hooking up again with Frank Menechino, getting to leave chilly New York for Arizona in January, the thrill of his cup of coffee in September, staying within himself after finally hitting the field in the majors, and his aim to fulfill any role the White Sox need him to fill.

Hitter’s Camp Day 3: Ricky Renteria

Grinding it out: Renteria took some time at Hitter’s Camp to weigh in on several of the youngest White Sox stars. (Chicago White Sox)

On Day 3 of Hitter’s Camp, White Sox TV caught up with manager Ricky Renteria for his thoughts on the impeccable grinder play of “Mendy” (Danny Mendick), Mendick’s status as a fan and organizational favorite, Zack Collins’ major improvements from his first to second stint in the majors, and Blake Rutherford growing into his body and becoming a professional hitter. 

Hitter’s Camp Day 3: Blake Rutherford

Getting better all the time: Rutherford hopes to make his strong second half in Birmingham last year the template for his entire 2020 season. (Chicago White Sox)

On Day 3 of Hitter’s Camp, Blake Rutherford talks with White Sox TV about what he’s learning at camp under the tutelage of Frank Menechino, the key to his improved second half in Birmingham, the importance of his balance in the batter’s box, and his goals for 2020.

Hitter’s Camp Day 3: batting cages

The sights and sounds of sweet, sweet baseball: Among the players featured at Hitter’s Camp in Glendale is Seby Zavala, shown here working on his swing plane. (Chicago White Sox)

White Sox TV presents some raw looks at several young players at Hitter’s Camp, including Blake Rutherford, Luis González, Danny Mendick, Seby Zavala, Micker Adolfo, Gavin Sheets, Luis Basabe and Yermín Mercedes.

Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Andrew Vaughn

Getting his legs under him: It’s been a whirlwind year for Vaughn, coolly and calmly taking it all in. (Chicago White Sox)

In a brief but fun interview on Day 2 of Hitter’s Camp in Glendale, White Sox TV caught up with 2019 first round pick Andrew Vaughn to discuss dancing with pitchers, the excited anticipation of his first spring training, highlights of his Team USA experience, and being a “shorter” first baseman.


Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Nick Madrigal

See ya soon: Don’t expect Nick Madrigal to get too excited about awards, like his MiLB Gold Glove. (Chicago White Sox)

On Day 2 of Hitter’s Camp in Glendale, White Sox TV caught up with blue-chip second baseman Nick Madrigal, who spoke about his relationship with new hitting coach Frank Menechino, his adjustment to Triple-A, and winning a Gold Glove.


Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Yasmani Grandal

Happy to be here? The pleasure is all ours, Yaz. (Chicago White Sox)

After a long hitting session/new teammates meet-and-greet, Yasmani Grandal fielded his first set of questions from White Sox TV down at Camelback Ranch. Among a number of topics, Yaz spoke of his excitement over the new wave of White Sox talent on the brink of the majors and his offseason work habits.

Hitter’s Camp: Day 2, plus Ricky

Moving up together: Frank Menechino tutors ex-Knights pupil Nick Madrigal, who should soon join the hitting coach in Chicago. (Chicago White Sox)

Tuesday was Day 2 of Hitters’ Camp down in Glendale, and the White Sox were kind enough to provide more footage of the proceedings. 

First, a one-on-one with manager Ricky Renteria, who can hardly conceal his excitement over his club turning the corner. Come for the giddiness, stay for the “Gardy.”






And of course, we have some batting cage footage, including Andrew Vaughn, Nick Madrigal, Frank Menechino, Rick Hahn, Ricky Renteria and Blake Rutherford.