Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Yasmani Grandal

Happy to be here? The pleasure is all ours, Yaz. (Chicago White Sox)

After a long hitting session/new teammates meet-and-greet, Yasmani Grandal fielded his first set of questions from White Sox TV down at Camelback Ranch. Among a number of topics, Yaz spoke of his excitement over the new wave of White Sox talent on the brink of the majors and his offseason work habits.


2 thoughts on “Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Yasmani Grandal

    1. Twice. Sorta cute. You got a ways to go in earning the respect of your new catcher, Rendón. Note Ricky is also calling Grandal “Grandy,” so perhaps we are still in pre-spring training naming mode.


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