Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Andrew Vaughn

Getting his legs under him: It’s been a whirlwind year for Vaughn, coolly and calmly taking it all in. (Chicago White Sox)

In a brief but fun interview on Day 2 of Hitter’s Camp in Glendale, White Sox TV caught up with 2019 first round pick Andrew Vaughn to discuss dancing with pitchers, the excited anticipation of his first spring training, highlights of his Team USA experience, and being a “shorter” first baseman.


2 thoughts on “Hitter’s Camp Day 2: Andrew Vaughn

  1. Thanks for posting. Kind of deer with lights in face look – what’s with the blinking? On a kinder note, he’s not just giving rote answers, well other than what he’s working on.


    1. He mentions at the start he gets nervous, yet these answers were fresh and sort of fun. Anticipating a question about his height at first base was pretty savvy, and he handled it very smoothly. If only he picks balls in the dirt so easily!


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