South Side Hit Pen is now at Sports Illustrated!

Hey everyone, I wanted to wait until we were settled in at our new home before putting out word here, but we’ve got some great news: South Side Hit Pen has moved to Sports Illustrated!

For those of you left hanging by a sudden drop-off in production, I’m sorry. That’s on me, my bad. I think I relied on the power of social media a bit too much, and left some of you in the dark. Plus, we have been a little busy over there turning on the lights, dusting the corners, and so on.

But the good news is, South Side Hit Pen is in better shape than ever. All the same features, coverage and interaction you’ve come to expect from our team here, and even dating back to South Side Sox, are coming with us. Plus, there is a video element at Sports Illustrated that we could never have dreamed of incorporating at our prior homes. And the community and commenting elements at our SI site are far more dynamic than what we can attempt here, so you’ll be invited to play a bigger role in the coverage and community than ever before.

Best yet, with Sports Illustrated, we will be credentialed media for home games at Sox Park, providing a lot of insider content we could never do on our own at WordPress, or even with SB Nation.

What’s most important to note here is that there’s no way we could have made a leap like this without your readership, interaction, and support. Your interest in our site validated many ideas that aren’t often seen in sports blogging — a diverse masthead, multiple equal voices on site, a mission statement that didn’t forget (in fact, led with) fun. Our little collective got noticed, and now we’ve been promoted to the bigs.

I’ll be issuing an additional statement to our Patreon supporters, but the short of is that every supporter of the site will be given a free initial membership to our site at Sports Illustrated, which also includes some nice bells and whistles beyond our White Sox site. 

So, again, once more, thank you to everyone who has read and followed us over these eight months. This site will remain here and intact at WordPress, for the time being; nearly all of our stories were imported to South Side Sox at Sports Illustrated, so nothing here will be lost if and when this WordPress site is shuttered.

Come join us at Sports Illustrated, where our coverage is better than ever!


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