Today in White Sox History: January 28

Double trouble: Fain faltered on the South Side — and was a menace, to boot.

It was one of those deals seemed was too good to be true, and unfortunately that turned out to be the case when the White Sox acquired two-time AL batting champ Ferris Fain from the Philadelphia A’s as part of a five-player deal.

Fain never approached those heights in Chicago, was a distraction off the field, got injured, and was rumored to have gotten into a fight with second baseman Nellie Fox that resulted in injuries. Lockers were supposedly pushed on Fox during the altercation, and he was pinned under them. The fight was thought to have taken place after a game in Washington D.C. against the Senators.


6 thoughts on “Today in White Sox History: January 28

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    1. The comments are after a bunch of other stuff so maybe that is part of the problem. I think that there were supposed to be 3 but I only saw 2.


    2. I am seeing 4 comments advertised, and 4 comments delivered. But I will start looking at the bottom of every story to see if this inconsistency is a persistent issue (I’ll admit being more concerned with getting up “more” content than examining every story, I usually look at comments on a single page, as an admin). Anyone else seeing fewer than advertised, or the exact amount? Maybe we can start to figure out why some are seeing fewer comments.


      1. Brett: For example on the “main page” for this particular item, it shows six comments. But when you scroll down to the bottom there was only five I was actually seeing (not including this comment just now that I’m writing)


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