Gamethread: White Sox at Braves

If you didn’t see it yet, yeah, the big September 1 call-ups this year are … Carson Fulmer and Manny Bañuelos.

It’s a bit of a harried afternoon here, under the circumstances. So, let’s just get to the lineups, close our eyes, click our heels three times, and hope to get outta Atlanta with a win, or at least the roster intact.

Ballgame is at 4:10 p.m., on the WGN. Maybe Ashley will let me borrow the sunglasses emoji if Lucas slings us a win.


16 thoughts on “Gamethread: White Sox at Braves

  1. I know you love Yolmer a lot, but in all honesty, he’ll probably be replaced by Danny Mendick next year, and for the price, it’s a better move to have Mendick.


      1. As soon as Nick comes up, L. Garcia becomes the super-utility guy and Yolmer gets DFA’s. His act has worn thin a long time ago for me. You hit .330 you can clown all you want, you hit .240 you need to find a different profession.


  2. Well another lost weekend for the Sox, what else is new. They’ve completely fallin’ apart since the All-Star break. Only thing Sox fans have to look forward to is rooting against the Cubs and hoping they fall apart. That in itself is so sad, since that’s all we can look forward to.


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