Gamethread: Rangers at White Sox

McCannon: Chicago is our city. (White Sox)

The Big Baby returns to the Players’ Weekend lineup as the South Siders look to take the season series from the Rangers

Today marks game three of a four-game series with the Texas Rangers, and it also marks game two of three for Players’ Weekend.

From the creative cleats to colorful bats, I really enjoy this time of year. With a chance to take the season series from the Texas Rangers with a victory tonight, I might even like this weekend a little bit more!

Iván Nova, I mean Super Nova, is ready to accomplish that feat and keep rolling with his recent 5-0 record. With a chance to improve his personal record to 10-9 and give the Chicago White Sox their 60th win of the season, a supernova is in order!

For the opposition, Kolby Allard will play in his seventh career MLB game. This season, with three games under his belt, Paaa (not a typo) owns a 1-0 record, but a 6.60 ERA. Still a rookie, Allard will try to beat long-time veteran at his own game.

The South Siders will line up as follows to try and get to Paaa:

The Big Baby finds his way back into the lineup, batting fifth as tonight’s designated hitter. Yoyo precedes the Baby in his now-solidified fourth spot of the order, playing third base. Also, keep a look out for Mal Tiempo. Batting third and playing first, Bad Weather is storming up for his 1,000 hit of his career! Let’s see it happen, Pito! (Check out Whitesoxski’s article here on Mal Tiempo)

The Texas Rangers will send out the following to try to stop any supernova from occurring:

That will be a Choo-Santana-Andrus-Calhoun-Solak-Odor-Forsythe-Heineman-Mathis lineup. Hunter Pence is still out of the batting order as an injury precaution, so hopefully, the shrugging emoji can make it into tomorrow’s lineup because Pence is a very fun player to watch!

Of course, TA7 and the rest of the Good Guys have been the most fun to watch! Catch the Good Guys Wear Black on WGN, broadcast and radio. It’s a 6:10 CT start, and with this supernova, I would love to bring the sunglasses emoji in my SSHP gamethread/ game recap debut!