Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

So, hey, howdy, have I written anything here yet? I don’t know, this weekend, this week, this season’s been a blur. Anyway, what’s up. Happy Dylan Cease Day? (Is it still a celebration, with Dylan having a somewhat pedestrian rookie start?)

I’ve got double gamethread/recap duty today, so listen, I’ll leave it to my SSHP compadre overachievers to make me look bad with exhaustive detail about this that and other. But Tim Anderson, hot as hell, dropped back down to No. 7 (just gonna guess, a righty, right?) is classic Ricky. At least the Abreu/McCann/Jiménez flex at 3-4-5 makes sense, but then … all righties? C’mon, Sr. Rick.

Something sort of funny, if you’ve not noticed: You start typing “Angels” into Twitter to get lineups, and the Los Angeles Dodgers show up before the Angels. No wonder Arte Moreno’s team has suffered through like 28 different prefixes and suffixes in the past 15 years, they’re carpetbaggers in their own city!

Check it out, you can write captions for embeds in WordPress. Hey wait, by typing a caption for this did Mike Trout disappear from the Angels lineup? #UnmitigatedAudacityAndThirstForPower

OK, yeah, see, “Griffin Canning,” a righthander.

But more importantly, no Mike Trout! He DHed last night and is off today?


OK, lemme quit before I break all of the new WordPress toys.