Minnie Miñoso makes the South Side Hit Pen Hall of Fame!

You made it, Minnie: Miñoso is the sole Hall-of-Famer from the first SSHP Veteran’s ballot.

Our debut Veteran’s Committee ballot is in the books, and the sole winner was Chicago White Sox legend Minnie Miñoso, with 78% of the vote. Miñoso polled at 73% of our original, 30-player draft ballot, so he nudged forward with just enough support to sneak in.

No other candidates broke the 75% threshold, but none polled so poorly as to drop off of the Veteran’s ballot. Next year, we’ll consider breaking the ballot into positions or even eras in order to create a little bit of spacing in the results, perhaps resulting in more players being elected in a given year.

The full results:

Minnie Miñoso (78%)
Dick Allen (58%)
Lou Whitaker (58%)
Tommy John (51%)
Pete Rose (48%)
Kenny Lofton (22%)
Dwight Evans (19%)
Luis Tiant (17%)
Mark McGwire (14%)
Bobby Bonds (12%)

Voters averaged 3.77 selections per ballot, which means nearly everyone made the maximum four selections in this election. Well done!

Congratulations to Minnie, and we’ll see you back here for another Veteran’s Committee vote next year!




















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