South Side Hit Pen Podcast: Episode 1

Hey now people, the South Side Hit Pen podcast is on the air! 

It’s truly an Episode 0, giving hosts Clinton Cole and Brett Ballantini a little bit of time to explore the full studio space. (Conclusion: More cowbell!)

Anyhow, with this episode recorded on Sunday and finally getting the go-ahead to publish from our new Soundcloud account today, try not to shed a tiny tear as we talk about “No. 1 free agent target” Zack Wheeler. We also pump up the volume on Yasiel Puig, take a victory lap with Yasmani Grandal, and work the mailbag.



4 thoughts on “South Side Hit Pen Podcast: Episode 1

  1. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out. I’m happy about Grandal. It’s just a thought experiment. By BP stats, Grandal’s blocking and running game management are … non-elite, tho still good. If you take away his one elite skill, how does a 34 year old Grandal look in the last year of this contract?

    I don’t really subscribe to the popular belief that a baseball player changes back into a pumpkin on his 29th birthday. Grandal’s strike zone judgement won’t erode with time. His BABIP is fairly average, I believe, so he’s not chasing a lucky year to maintain a .250 BA. His defense can slip, as can his power.

    I just thought that might be worthy of discussion.

    Thanks, tho. Great ‘cast.


      1. I am infamous for creative pronunciation, so that’s a relief. I think Jon Heyman got the creative pronunciation treatment in ep2, though.


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