Meet the Players: Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan brings some whip-smart wit and sass to South Side Hit Pen. She’s another writer long targeted by South Side Sox and SSHP, so while she was too late to celebrate an 89-loss season with us, we’ll have her throwing things onto our pages all offseason and into 2020.

Her first piece is a wry bit of managerial handicapping, which made its debut this morning.

Adding Colleen to the masthead promises to liven up the staff, so feel free to take a moment and welcome her to South Side Hit Pen!

Hometown Southwest side

White Sox fan since Birth. We were indoctrinated at a young age by my dad, who used to make us say “Cubs suck” often (like, before getting a snack, we had to say the Cubs suck).

First White Sox memory I don’t have any really specific early memories, but we spent a lot of weekends in the summer at games in the upper deck. My grandmother worked at one of the stands at Comiskey for as long as I can remember (she also worked at the United Center in the winter), so for years as kids we got to “visit” her at work. Also remember my older sister being terrified of fireworks and her hauling ass through the parking lot in fear.

Favorite White Sox memory Outside of the 2005 World Series, I have to go with the 2008 Blackout Game.  

Favorite White Sox player When I was a kid, Robin Ventura was my favorite player for years — so much so that when he was traded to the Mets I became a Mets fan. I’m also a huge fan of A.J. Pierzynski, because who doesn’t love a catcher with attitude?

Today, I don’t know how someone doesn’t love Tim Anderson from Day 1. Plus, Lucas Giolito seems like an all-around good dude. I spent 2018 telling anyone who would listen that he was going to turn it around.

Next White Sox statue If it’s not Mark Buerhle sliding headfirst on the tarp, they’re doing it wrong.

Next White Sox retired number I’m going to say either Bo Jackson‘s No. 8 or Jack McDowell‘s No. 29.

Go-to concession food at Sox Park Nachos with the liquid cheese. Once when I was drunk, my husband got me the fully-loaded helmet and I told him it was the wrong cheese (I’m not sorry). I still ate it, because I was drunk. I’m digging the new loaded fries over by Section 110.

Favorite baseball movie Bull Durham has got everything! Baseball, comedy, romance that isn’t overdone and corny, Kevin Costner … True story: I once argued with a guy in the bar as to why Bull Durham is superior to The Natural.

Hall of Fame: Speed Round

Mark Buehrle yes
Joe Jackson should but won’t
Paul Konerko yes
Minnie Miñoso yes
Omar Vizquel no
Chris Sale no

South Side Hit Pen on the field Catcher/first base; I’m 5´1´´, so I was a short first baseman.

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. Sure, probably.



6 thoughts on “Meet the Players: Colleen Sullivan

  1. Hi, and belated welcome, Colleen. And Bull Durham IS superior to The Natural. There’s really disagreement about this?


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