Gamethread: Royals at White Sox

Stuck in a slump: Even has noticed Palka’s struggles.

Happy Free T-shirt Thursday! If you can’t make it to the park, fear not! As you might have noticed, we now have a shop link on our site! We are really excited to be releasing our first original commissioned design, and I’ll give a little sneak peek of it in my recap after the game. We’ve had our site up for a touch under a month now, and we’re trying to keep it ad-free so we can focus on baseball, the White Sox, and our amazing team of talented writers. We all take time away from our families/pets/friends/food (I can’t speak for everyone but when I recap West Coast games I typically trade food for a large volume of coffee) to bring you comprehensive coverage of all things Sox, and we do it because we love it.  Yours truly, resident rookie LWilz has taken the role of Maestro of Merch so that we can reward our staff with a little something, while bringing you AWESOME LOOT instead of forcing you to scroll through annoying ads to get to the good stuff in our stories. All proceeds from sales go to our writers and keeping the site running, and since we’re unable to sign all of our contributors’ friends and brothers-in-law to try to keep them around long term, we really value everyone’s help and contributions to our Patreon and merch shop.  Knowing that you appreciate us motivates us to bring you unique stories, such as Lenny G’s interview with former White Sox first round draft pick Keon Barnum.  Read it over here while you await the first pitch of today’s game!

In what I can only imagine was a decision based on too many/lack of pain meds post rotator-cuff surgery, Ricky Renteria has decided to start Daniel Palka in right field today.  South Side Hit Pen’s unofficial mascot, Angie is on the IL, and won’t be shredding any Royals hats for you after today’s game, as she cut her paw and has a couple stitches, so we wish them both a speedy recovery and hope their paws heal soon. 

Realistic dramatization of Ricky’s mental state when he set today’s lineup. (Photo credit @StacheESQ)

Now, down to business:

Your White Sox lineup for today is:

The Royals’ lineup:

Lucas Giolito looks to bounce back from a no-decision after pitching seven innings of three hit, two run ball only to see the game end via a rare blown save by Álex Colomé. Jorge López pitched six innings of three hit shutout ball against the Marlins his last time around, so let’s hope we can get to the Royals’ bullpen early and get Lucas a win!

The game will be on WGN TV and AM 720. First pitch is at 1:10!

35 thoughts on “Gamethread: Royals at White Sox

  1. Alright. Will Lauren commit to changing her Twitter avatar to Daniel Palka if he gets 2 hits today? If he gets 3, she has to keep it until the end of the season.


    1. Can’t watch the game but gosh darn it, you got my hopes up for a second there! I thought you meant he hit a double to right haha


      1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but even though Leury has more than 2 hits this season, Palka should have hit there. If he struck out, then fine. He’s 2 for infinity, but the gains of him coming thru with a hit was worth the risk!


  2. And with that we put “paid” to another losing White Sox season. Seven straight (club record is nine) and 10 of the last 13 years. Rebuild slowed by injuries, bad drafts, poor trades and brutal free agent signings. Yet somehow through all this Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn still have jobs. Only in the world of the White Sox.

    Oh, the God awful Royals wound up taking the season series 10-9 by virtue of winning six of the last seven head to head meetings. Don’t stop now boys! (LOL).

    Only thing Sox fans have to look forward to the last few weeks is hoping the Cubs collapse. That says a lot right there doesn’t it?


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