South Side Hit Pen swag!

We’ve got our first original design up and running over at TeePublic! Get it at a special sale price for the next two days!

We’ve got tees, tanks, baseball tees, mugs, notebooks, stickers, and even throw pillows! Kids tees and hoodies are available too!Get ’em while they’re hot here

The classic t-shirt has over 15 color options, so pick and choose whichever color you like best paired with the SSHP logo!

As a baseball-related website, why not sport a baseball tee with the fresh logo? You’ll be more than set for future Wiffleball matchups!

As we know, winter is right around the corner, so keep yourself cozy and content with a fresh-looking sweatshirt!

Ditch your one-time-use coffee cup, and bring your coffee to work in style! (Warning: This coffee mug might just give you @jresis #SoxMath superpowers.)

Tired of your laptop missing that snazzy factor? Lucky for you, the new design can be purchased in the sticker format!

All proceeds go back to supporting your favorite contributors who continue to create the best Chicago White Sox content! Support South Side Hit Pen while simultaneously sporting a new sleek design on your favorite everyday-wear attire! Let us know what you order or would like to see in the future. I already know that Angie Wilz, the beloved doggo of @lwilz17, has put in a high demand for baseball caps!

4 thoughts on “South Side Hit Pen swag!

  1. Nice. I now have one on order along with the GioLITo shirt. Notice: full-figured sizes have a more limited color choice, but both look good in the heather (aka: grey).


    1. Each style varies in color options, the designer chooses which colors they want to make available so we only have control over SSHP designed items. It should be the same color lineup for every size of a particular style (does that make sense?) My personal favorite, the men’s V-neck comes in fewer colors than the Tri-Blend, but every color option for a size small V-Neck should also be available in 2XL. Additionally, not every style is available in every size, I know baseball tees go up to 2XL but hoodies go to 5XL. If there’s a style that isn’t offering the exact same colors for all sizes, let me know which one it is and I’ll talk to TeePublic and raise some hell for ya!


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