Gamethread: White Sox at Cleveland

The Sox seem to be a bit over matched already with the two pitchers on the mound to start. Ross Detwiler is on the bump in what will probably be an opener situation, and, let’s just say he is not a top pitcher. He is in the bottom 3% of the league in just about every expected stat. that includes a bottom 2 % of the league ranking in xwOBA, so, he is not very good to say the least. However, it should be tough to be as bad as Detwiler was his last outing. He only got one out while allowing three runs in a relief appearance against the Braves two days ago.

On the opposing side, Aaron Civale has been fantastic. He started the year in Double-A for Cleveland and is now one of the most reliable pitchers on the staff. He had a 1.96 ERA and his start today is the first one against the White Sox. He mostly works with a sinker (35.3%) and a cutter (32.1%); both have good horizontal movement. He uses two breaking balls, slider and a curve, but he uses the curve more often with two strikes and it has a 40% putaway rate. Hopefully the Sox can get to him, but he hasn’t allowed more than two runs in any of his starts.


The South Siders will start part two of their road trip at 6:10 CT. As always, WGN has the radio, and NBC Sports Chicago will have the broadcast.

43 thoughts on “Gamethread: White Sox at Cleveland

      1. I’m hoping he continues to improve. Lots of his problems seem to stem from coming to baseball relatively late. I am pulling for him. That said, if he is the glaring roster weakness when we compete, that’s a pretty amazing roster.


  1. Because Detwiler had a relief appearance two days ago, why didn’t Bañuelos start the game? Unfortunately, Charlotte is out of the playoffs, so reinforcements will come tomorrow.


  2. Hey, here’s an idea for clearing a spot on the 40 man: release Detwiler? Castillo & Skole, too. Then, we could bring up this Robert fellow. And Mercedes & Madrigal, too?


      1. Grazie!

        I felt a little bad rooting hard against Charlotte but as Pito said, “next year starts in September.”. Hahn needs to do the right thing from a player development standpoint.

        Robert, Madrigal, Mercedes, and Collins have nothing more to learn in AAA.


      2. Collins has already cracked the safety seal, so I could see him up. No way Robert and Madrigal. Who else? I suppose anyone else on the 40-man.


    1. Makes too much sense. Rick Hahn is going to make us suffer the rest of the year. It really is criminal to these players who deserve the spot and not the journeymen who deserve to be in the minors.


      1. It’s not about suffering, it’s about contract control and $$$$$ which has always been JR’s top priorities. That’s why those guys will not be called up until next May 1, doing so gives the Sox an extra year of control before free agency.


  3. I hope that there are some lineup changes starting very soon. Anyone not on this team next year should be released so that they can land a job elsewhere or not. Others who may or may not make the cut as bench players should be relegated to backup roles. Sign the two kids, bring up Collins as backup Catcher etc. and give Mercedes a shot at DH. How else do we know what we have? They will sell a lot more tickets the rest of the way as well. The rotation of AAAA outfielders has not done much for my stress level either.


    1. There are so many players that are more than ready for their shot in the Bigs. Bring them up. There’s only one way to learn how to play in a MLB game — play in one, consistently.


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