Atlanta’s six-run first sets tone for a blowout win over Chicago, 11-5

Gryffindor: The Sorting Hat whispers in the back of the minds of ReyLo and Herrera, but the Braves were too much to handle. (@WhiteSox)

Five runs off of 13 hits aren’t enough for the Good Guys in game two of this three-game weekend set

The Atlanta Braves score a lot of runs, and the Chicago White Sox score a lot of runs, but not enough, late. Both starting pitchers are gettable, but the Sox’s pitching takes the bigger bruise. For the second straight game, the Good Guys drop the game to the Braves. The game was definitely interesting, but it didn’t produce the result that Sox fans so desperately wanted. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the game:

The Good Guys were able to go up first in the first inning with an RBI-Single by the newly-acquainted fourth-spot hitter Yoán Moncada. He drove in Leury García, who led the game off with a first pitch base hit up the middle.

That would be the only good to the start of the game. In the bottom half of the inning, Reynaldo López recorded two outs. Sandwiched around the outs were six runs scored, as ReyLo faced all nine batters before being taken out of the game at the 42-pitch mark.

A little funny thing occured before the outburst of runs. With two outs and the game still tied, Tyler Flowers hit what should have been a groundout to third to end the inning. However, YoYo played the ball back, so the baseball rolled into the bag, bounced high in the air, and Moncada barehanded the throw to first. But, Flowers beat the play and opened the door wide for five more runs to cross the plate in the inning.

A taxing inning could not go Reynaldo’s way, and an already taxed bullpen was destined to finish the game. Jimmy Cordero was the first relief pitcher out of the gate. He walked the first batter he faced, but he struck out the second batter in Dansby Swanson. 50 minutes later, the whole first inning was a thing of the past.

The second inning contained some improvement. The inning lasted only 30 minutes, and the Braves put only one more run on the board with a Matt Joyce single, 7-1 home team lead.

The South Siders didn’t stay quiet for long. Top of the third, José Abreu was hit by a pitch, and Eloy Jiménez recorded his second infield single of the night. With that, last night’s pinch-hit hero singled up the middle to score Abreu and to decrease the deficit, 7-2.

Believe it or not, the game actually quieted down for a bit. Of course, with both teams having double-digit hit totals, the noise didn’t completely disperse. Pito did take two hit-by-pitches to his left arm, so those welts were definitely singing and will continue to well into the night.

In fact, the Good Guys didn’t want Pito to feel alone in that matter, so they made some noise in the seventh to help harmonize. The Sox put up three runs in the frame, courtesy of RBI singles from Eloy and Yolmer Sánchez. Adam Engel reached third base on an error in right field, so Yolmer scored the third and final run of the inning. The future was looking bright for the Good Guys, bright enough for sunglasses, down only 7-5.

But, the clouds quickly rolled in. The Braves wanted to mirror the South Siders, so they did. Atlanta put up three runs in the bottom-half of the seventh. A pinch-hit Ronald Acuña sac fly, a bases loaded walk to Dansby Swanson, and a wild pitch paved the way to the Braves’ seventh.

Unfortunately, the White Sox couldn’t do anything in the eighth, but the Braves did. Josh Donaldson hit a solo home run to put his team up 11-5.

The Good Guys couldn’t find the equalizer in the top of the ninth, so Atlanta wins the weekend series. The Sox didn’t lose for lack of offensive effort: five runs on 13 hits. The starting pitching and the struggling Kelvin Herrera solidified the end score. The Braves exude what a good team does. The offense picks up the pitching, and the starting pitchers eat up innings. Yes, Atlanta needs bullpen help, but Atlanta is putting it all together. Luckily, the White Sox still have tomorrow, and they still have a sunglasses-needed bright future!

Tomorrow, Lucas Giolito takes the mound. Giolito, the ace of the staff, must go the distance to save a labored bullpen. Lucas is 14-7 with a 3.20 ERA. He is set to face Julio Teheran. Julio is 8-8 and owns a 3.39 ERA. Giolito will put his team on his back in order to salvage this weekend series. WGN will have the broadcast and radio for an unusual 4:10 CT start for the White Sox.

The sunglasses emoji are still on-call for their South Side Hit Pen debut.

3 thoughts on “Atlanta’s six-run first sets tone for a blowout win over Chicago, 11-5

  1. Love your recaps Ashley! These losses aren’t as maddening as much as they are enlightening. There’s a clear and stark difference in class and talent between the Sox and Atlanta. And the Sox still need A LOT of help to get where the Braves exist.


    1. Thank you! I’m a big believer in learning, and losses let you reflect on what you still need to improve on in this game. As much as the losses can be frustrating, if one can change their perception of a loss, it can help make it a little less awful. I’m really hoping for a big offseason for the Sox!


    2. I thought Flowers bounce off the base may have been handled by Moncada before the bounce but he was playing deep and probably could not get there in time.


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