Gamethread: Twins at White Sox (Getaway Day Edition)


Happy Getaway Day!!

Before the Sox hop on a charter flight to the ATL, Dylan Cease will take his electric arm and do battle against the vaunted Twins lineup for the second time at Guaranteed Rate Field. In his last two starts, Cease has 15 strikeouts against two walks in 11 innings pitched.

Dylan’s last outing versus the Rangers was the best of his young Sox career, with a pretty line of 6 IP/4 H/3 ER/1 BB/9 K and a career-high game score of 60! Since this is a school night, Dylan’s mom wants him in before the street lights come on, so Ricky obliged and Dylan will make his seventh day game start out of 10 appearances this season.

On the hill for the Twinkies is José Berrios (10-7, 3.53 ERA), facing the Sox for the fourth time in 2019. So far he is 2-1 with a 2.14 ERA and 3.75 FIP in three starts (out of 13 runs he’s given up, only five have been earned). The 17/1 K-to-BB ratio shows the Sox have relied on poor defense behind José to account for the majority of their success against him this season.

However, the month of August has not been kind to Jose, as he’s 0-2 in four starts. His last two appearances were abysmal performances to the Rangers and then the Tigers (?) at home (?!). Maybe the Sox will have caught Berrios at the right time and he can get an early start on setting his playlist for the Twins flight after the game.


Will the Sox be able to avoid getting swept as a heavy underdog? Let’s find out together, shall we?! You can find the TV broadcast on NBC Sports Chicago or if the soothing tones of Farmio and DJ are your thing, set your radio dial to WGN 720 AM. Game time is 1:10 PM.

Yours truly will be back after the game with a followed-by-MLB-AtBat-from-work recap! Go White Sox! #FreeLuisRobert!


51 thoughts on “Gamethread: Twins at White Sox (Getaway Day Edition)

      1. He’s young and it’s the Twins; I really think that he will dominate this league for years to come. However, the opener is really good to consider for Detwiler or Bañuelos, when he inevitably returns.


      1. Exactly.I can get sarcastic and frustrated, but I refuse to become dour. Once that hits, then baseball is not fun and if baseball should be anything, it should be fun. Because otherwise, life is short and there are other things to do.


  1. And yet again Cease gets hammered by a crooked number inning. EVERY SINGLE GAME. Maybe the Cubs weren’t as stupid as everyone was making them out to be in this trade?


      1. And it seems the 99 always pitch / play for the Sox don’t they? Not trying to be hard on the kid but he was hyped to death by both the Cubs AND Sox organizations. The results are far from the hype, not even close. He’s another reason why the Sox MUST go out and sign two quality starters this off season. Question marks up and down the rotation…from injuries, to a lack of experience to inconsistency and the lack of a real success resume. You simply can’t take the chance next year that everyone is going to rebound, stay healthy and improve across the board. odds of that happening are very, very slim.


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