Gamethread: Rangers at White Sox

Wood wagoneers: Rangers sounds less intimidating in Spanish, since “rurales” also means “country folk” and “station wagons.” Maybe that’s why Yoán Moncada hit so well last night.

The White Sox will be trying for their third straight win and second in a row against the Texas Rangers, in what should be a perfect night to begin Players’ Weekend at Downward Facing Arrow Stadium. The challenge will be continuing the pitching domination of Lucas Giolito and (surprise, surprise!!) Ross Detwiler.

Dylan Cease will be taking up that challenge for the Sox, making his ninth big league start and trying for his third win. Cease’s ERA is back up close to six, at 5.93, after getting whacked for five runs in five innings against the Angels last time out. Lefties are batting .338 against him, so it’s good the Ranger lineup only has three southpaws and switch-hitter Danny Santana, who missed last night’s game with a sore hammie.

It’s probably not quite time to go from considering Cease’s mediocre performance as just the rockiness of rookieness, to thinking, “Sure hope Giolito gets him away from the Sox organization to the people who made such a difference for him mentally and physically last offseason.” That time could come soon, though , especially given Dylan had a really rocky June at Charlotte as well.

Dylan Cease ponders the next step in his development. (Clinton Cole/South Side Hit Pen)

Things will probably be tougher for the offense tonight, since tossing for the Rangers will be 14-game winner Lance Lynn. The big (6´5´´, 280) righty has had two losses and a no decision in his last three starts, though in each loss he only gave up one run.

The good news is that one of the few times Lynn got hit hard this year was courtesy of the White Sox, who got to him for five runs in seven innings June 22 (OK, we lost 6-5 anyway, but let’s not mention that). The bright light you’ll see coming from the Sox dugout will be the gleam in the eyes of Tim Anderson, who nailed Lynn for a single, double, homer and four RBIs in that game.

Tim Anderson hears he gets to face Lance Lynn again. (Clinton Cole/South Side Hit Pen)

Sox lineup comes complete with Players’ Weekend nicknames:

Three of the four Rangers who will hit lefty against Cease will be among the first four batters he faces:

Guess the players wanted the lineup in invisible ink. Probably legible if you rub lemon juice over your screen.

If you can’t figure that out (silly you), it’ll be Choo/Santana/Andrus/Calhoun/Pence/Odor-/Kiner-Falefa/DeShields/Mathis.

First pitch 7:10 CDT. NBC Sports on the tube, WGN on the transistor.

41 thoughts on “Gamethread: Rangers at White Sox

  1. Lance Lynn doing a pretty good job visually recalling the hospital orderlies in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.


  2. This might not be about the game, but I’m pumped to watch Jonathan Stiever and Taylor Varnell pitch in person this weekend! Seems like Cease just always has that one bad inning before he settles down though. Let’s hope he can figure it out in September.


      1. Oh I will for sure! I’ll be right next to our dugout, so maybe I’ll get to talk to some of the guys too. It’s awesome that Vaughn and Steele are there at least so I have some more-than-likely future White Sox to watch! And Stiever alone has saved a little bit of the disappointment from the rest of the pitching prospects we have this season.


      1. I’m just curious why the home team isn’t in white? Any rhyme or reason? It seems like across the league it varies which team wears white/black.


      2. I imagine the home team got the choice, and as a throwback to the 1900s or even the 1970s, the White Sox opted for all-black.

        I do not like these Players’ Weekend uniforms.


    1. Besides the inevitable home run in each start, Cease is really solid! There’s a lot going for him, and it’s going to be so much fun to watch for years to come.


      1. Yeah I was worried after that first inning, but he really knows how to settle down after bad innings and not let it carry over. There is definitely a lot to be excited about!


  3. I think we already have the 7th-8th-and 9th innings locked down for next year. Marshall and Bummer have been such a revelation. Then Heuer and Johnson down on the farm looking like stud late-inning arms. It’s gonna be great when we’re contenders!


      1. Jason mentioned that they’re wearing black hats so that the white hat isn’t messing with the hitters’ ability to pick up the ball.


    1. I am such a fan of Dylan Cease, the kid finds a way to dominate even when he stumbles in the same game. Just imagine when he figures out how to avoid the big innings.


  4. Cease recovered nicely but again that one inning always seems to get him. The stuff is there, let’s hope he can learn and overcome this. We don’t want to see Javier Vazquez 2.0 (Sox fans will remember he’d look like Sandy Koufax for four or five innings then completely fall apart…)


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