Chisox get Caned, Calhouned and Bemboomed in 9-2 drubbing

Double trouble: Eloy Jiménez had a homer and narrowly missed a second, settling for a well-admired triple in the fourth. (Clinton Cole/South Side Hit Pen)

So, this was a bad, bad, bad, very bad game, on almost all counts.

While the Chicago White Sox seemingly had advantages in all areas — starting pitcher (potential, at least), offense (no Mike Trout for the Angels today), law of averages (hard for a .500 team to win a four-game series, even at home) — they played like they were wearing Kannapolis Intimidators uniforms today, falling 9-2 in Anaheim in a laffer.

Let’s get the couple of highlights out of the way. Eloy Jiménez, when not watching the flight of his colossal clouts

(bench him, Ricky, I dare ya!)

was putting just a smidge more extra juice on ’em to get ’em over the wall.

(no additional hustle, though … Ricky?)

Tim Anderson had another two hits, after being shuttled down to seventh in the order, but then, you know, he got picked off of second base, too.

(fifth inning, nobody out, runner on second, down just 4-1 … Ricky?)

So, I guess let’s tip a cap to the guy who just picked off Anderson up there, and held the White Sox in check on five hits, one earned, one walk (eight Ks) over seven innings, Griffin Canning, of the 6.28 ERA over the last seven games and Dylan Cease-esque 4.58 ERA for the season Cannings, stymied the White Sox all game long.

Cease, for his part, was not good: five earned in five innings, seven hits, a walk, six Ks and two long balls, swelling his ERA to 5.93. Ross “available for long relief” Detwiler detwilled it even worse, mopping up the final three frames, outpacing Cease with eight hits allowed, squeezing in four earned, whiffing just two and matching his starters walks (one) and homers allowed (two).

Angels Matt Thaiss, Kole Calhoun, Shohei Ohtani and Anthony Bemboom all went boom today against this mediocre pitching effort. Eight of the host’s nine runs came via the round tripper.

The White Sox fall to 55-68, a 90-loss pace. On an afternoon like this one, it’s amazing to think this club is still on a pace 10 games better than last season.

Is it too early to start talking about tomorrow? It’s not too early to start talking about tomorrow. It’s White Sox-Twins, Darren Black on your coverage for the 7:10 p.m. game, with a potential 1-6 trip staring the Chisox in the face.

3 thoughts on “Chisox get Caned, Calhouned and Bemboomed in 9-2 drubbing

  1. Run of the mill Sox loss. No hitting, 1 walk, bad Cease start, bad relief, Timmie picked off second down 3 runs, and Eloy watching long flies. A lot of the season all in one game.


      1. That’s right. If I can find it, anyone can. I heard a Dylan Cease factoid yesterday. He has given up at least 1 home run in each of his first 8 starts. He is now second on that list which goes back to 1908. The record is 10.


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