Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

TA at No. 2 today: Anderson is warming up nicely in August. (Clinton Cole/South Side Hit Pen)

On behalf of all of us from the Hit Pen, I’m excited to procure the inaugural SSHP Gamethread, along with my esteemed colleagues — we’re psyched to bring you the finest in Chicago White Sox coverage. For your White Sox news served with a piping-hot side of snark, look no further than the ‘pen. 

In the most recent manifestation of the Baseball is Nuts phenomenon, the Chicago White Sox managed to edge out the Houston Astros in dramatic fashion yesterday evening, catapulted to a win by a James McCann grand slam, extra cheese, but hold the toast, 13-9. We saw yet another stellar performance by Iván Nova as he continues to dazzle in the second half. 

Bust out your protractors and fill up on the diner coffee, because the White Sox head to Southern California to begin a four-game series with the Los Angeles Angels, their first series all season, with a 9:07 p.m. start.  

On the hill for the Good Guys is another starter having a mathematically great second half: Reynaldo López. López is 7-9 this season, with a 5.16 ERA. Since July 4, ReyLo’s dropped his ERA from 6.34 to 5.16; his ERA for the second half is an acute 2.13. 

Calculating on the vertex for Los Angeles is the lefty, Andrew Heaney. He’s 1-3, with a 4.89 ERA. Heaney hasn’t won a decision since June 25, mostly due to being out with shoulder inflammation. Tim Anderson is a player to watch against Heaney. Tim’s slashing .393/.414/.554 in August; versus lefty starters, he’s .369/.534/.903. Against Heaney himself, he’s .333/.333/.333 lifetime, but in three plate appearances.

The Lineups:

Looks like the White Sox social media person knows about the power of 24-hour diner coffee, too:

Find Brad Ausmus’s lineup below:

Tonight’s 9:07 p.m. CST start can be found on television on NBC Sports Chicago; for a more audial experience, tune into WGN 720. 

In plane geometry, an angle is formed by two rays. Don’t think it works that way in baseball.

26 thoughts on “Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

  1. I can’t do SoxMath. I don’t know why that is. It’s like my entire brain just checks out, and I’m banging on the glass with my fist like it’s a broken vending machine

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    1. I’m more team Janice when it comes to SoxMath, but it occurs to me we could field a team of geniuses from this staff and just take down Benetti, like the guys in 21 did to Kevin Spacey and Vegas. We’d just have to take a baton to Lazowski’s knee to keep it a clean sweep.

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  2. I’m just seeing Janice’s bio now, because I’m just four people into our 20-member masthead, and need to say that Jon Garland was my very first interview for a White Sox game program story … at dinner, with his mom.

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    1. The whole story is that Garland saw me chatting with a security guard and I might have greeted this guard a little too enthusiastically, and that’s what Garland made fun of me on. Honestly, I deserved it.


      1. It’s not my fault he let me decide. Also that we grew up very close to Comiskey and that he had a friend with season tickets that always gave us a bunch each season. THAT MIGHT HAVE HELPED.


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